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I have found that buying bottled water is a great way to make sure my family drinks fresh, clean, filtered water. There is just one problem with doing this.

It is getting tiring to have to lug all these big one-gallon bottles into the home after every trip to the grocery store. Sometimes, I forget to buy it and since, I won’t let anyone in my house drink tap water, I have to run back out and get it.

I think it is time to find a water service in my area. I want to have options for the water such as choosing alkaline water over regular distilled drinking water.

I just do not know if I should get a delivery service or if I should actually buy a machine from such a company that would dispense clean drinking water.

What are the processes that are involved in these types of machines. I have heard of reverse osmosis but I am not sure I understand how that works.

I do know that it is time to find some different options for getting clean drinking water in my home. I am going to contact a water company soon.