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Most people do not relish the thought of drinking water from the tap any longer. There are many impurities in drinking water systems no matter how much that water goes through in the treatment plant. Buying water is another option but it can be inconvenient.

Anyone who lives in an apartment or an upper floor will find that carrying gallon bottles of water to be cumbersome. The cost of drinking water is nominal, but consumers who want convenience and purity would do better to find a reliable source from which to buy purified drinking water in any format that suits them.

Many people also buy purification systems for the tap. This requires constantly changing out filters and can be inconvenient in its own way.

The best option is to find an ideal drinking water solution for the home from a reliable water distributor. Water distributors can offer home delivery of all the water a consumer needs on a schedule that suits their lifestyle. I remember looking out my St. Paul porch windows to see the water guy pull up in his truck with a big 5-gallon jug of water.

They can offer distilled water, mineral water or still water. Get it in gallon bottles, five-gallon bottles and more. Get clean drinking water and a dispenser in an easy, convenient way from a trusted distributor.