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There are some people who are totally opposed to buying water in the bottle, but that is not a good idea. While those who live in areas with fairly decent water can afford to make that choice, the ones who have filthy water streaming from their faucets need to rethink their stance on the situation.

I used to live in a city where the water was allegedly clean, yet it tasted like it had garlic in it. There is something very wrong with that, yet many people continued to drink this water and act like it was an unfortunate part of life. The sad thing is that bottled water is so reasonably priced these days that drinking dirty water should never be an option.

The city I live in now has fairly clean water and I do not feel compelled to buy any from the bottle, but I think that would be an entirely different thing if I lived in a city like Flint, Michigan where the water looks like murky mud. For people who live in areas like that, they should just add bottled water to their grocery lists like it is second nature.