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Checking your home’s water quality in Phoenix, Arizona is critical for the comfort and safety of everyone living with you. While municipal and well water supplies are “safe” to drink most of the time, it’s not always the case, and even water deemed safe for public consumption might have elements and other materials in it that you either don’t want to drink or just don’t want to taste.

More and more homes are installing water filters on their kitchen faucets or filtering their water through pitchers stored in the fridge. The right water testing before and after filtration can tell you just how effective such systems are. We had a Scottsdale plumber test our water, and ended up buying an AquaSana whole house filter. The Phoenix area is notorious for how hot it can get during the summer, so residents have to drink lots of fluids to stay healthy and hydrated. If there’s any doubt about the water coming from your tap, then have a water quality check is a good idea so that everyone feels free to keep drinking up.

If your home is like many in the Phoenix area, then you have a pool in the backyard. While that water will likely never be safe for drinking, considering that it needs treatments to stay clean and even not evaporate, you still want the water to actually be clean and not contaminated with something harmful or unpleasant. Whether you swim laps or just float and relax, your time in your pool should be a healthy thing, and not the reverse, so water quality testing is critical here too.

If you have flowers or plants, or especially a vegetable garden, that you grow in the yard that you water regularly, you definitely want to check the water quality so you know your vegetation is healthy and pristine, particularly if you’re going to eat any of it.