Water Solutions for Consumers

Arizona Water Quality is Questionable

Checking your home’s water quality in Phoenix, Arizona is critical for the comfort and safety of everyone living with you. While municipal and well water supplies are “safe” to drink most of the time, it’s not always the case, and even water deemed safe for public consumption might have elements and other materials in it that you either don’t want to drink or just don’t want to taste.

More and more homes are installing water filters on their kitchen faucets or filtering their water through pitchers stored in the fridge. The right water testing before and after filtration can tell you just how effective such systems are. We had a Scottsdale plumber test our water, and ended up buying an AquaSana whole house filter. The Phoenix area is notorious for how hot it can get during the summer, so residents have to drink lots of fluids to stay healthy and hydrated. If there’s any doubt about the water coming from your tap, then have a water quality check is a good idea so that everyone feels free to keep drinking up.

If your home is like many in the Phoenix area, then you have a pool in the backyard. While that water will likely never be safe for drinking, considering that it needs treatments to stay clean and even not evaporate, you still want the water to actually be clean and not contaminated with something harmful or unpleasant. Whether you swim laps or just float and relax, your time in your pool should be a healthy thing, and not the reverse, so water quality testing is critical here too.

If you have flowers or plants, or especially a vegetable garden, that you grow in the yard that you water regularly, you definitely want to check the water quality so you know your vegetation is healthy and pristine, particularly if you’re going to eat any of it.

Water Quality Statistics In Madison, Wisconsin

Madison Water Utility takes water quality very seriously. Drinking water in the Madison area emanates from an aquifer of deep sandstone that lies below the city. Groundwater that originates from rain or snow seeps into the ground where it is naturally filtered as it flows through layers of rock and soil before replenishing the aquifer. The water system consists of 30 reservoirs, including 5 elevated water towers, and 22 active wells with approximately 840 miles of interconnected water distribution and transmission mains. Water is delivered to localized regions of Madison from 500 – 1100 feet deep wells.

Madison Water Utility routinely collects samples and runs tests in excess of the requirements by the DNR and the EPA to make sure that the drinking water is of a quality that exceeds all state and federal standards required. It is easy to find out what the water quality is like in your home by contacting the Water Quality Department, or when you have any concerns regarding the quality of your drinking water in the Madison, Wisconsin area. We have a Minnesota custom home builder that is looking to set up another office here, and they asked us about the quality of water. After Flint, it’s a concern that more people have that are planning their futures.

The aquifer system that supplies drinking water to Madison residents is of a higher quality than most other cities and requires minimum treatment. The water from the aquifer is disinfected with chlorine to kill most bacteria and viruses that occur in groundwater. This chlorine treatment also kills microbes that may be present in the water transmission system. The Madison Water Utility goal is to maintain the chlorine residual above 0.1mg/L while typical concentrations in other cities range anything from 0.2 – 0.4mg/L. the water at every well in the Madison area is tested daily to ensure that chlorine levels remain as close as possible to the required 0.3mg/L.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend an average fluoride level of 0.7mg/L be maintained in drinking water to reduce tooth decay and improve dental health. Madison drinking water is tested daily to maintain this target level. MWU follows the PHMDC (Public Health Madison Dane County) recommendations with regard to fluoride levels in drinking water.

Buying Water Is A Good Option For Consumers

There are some people who are totally opposed to buying water in the bottle, but that is not a good idea. While those who live in areas with fairly decent water can afford to make that choice, the ones who have filthy water streaming from their faucets need to rethink their stance on the situation.

I used to live in a city where the water was allegedly clean, yet it tasted like it had garlic in it. There is something very wrong with that, yet many people continued to drink this water and act like it was an unfortunate part of life. The sad thing is that bottled water is so reasonably priced these days that drinking dirty water should never be an option.

The city I live in now has fairly clean water and I do not feel compelled to buy any from the bottle, but I think that would be an entirely different thing if I lived in a city like Flint, Michigan where the water looks like murky mud. For people who live in areas like that, they should just add bottled water to their grocery lists like it is second nature.

Options for Clean Drinking Water in the Home

I have found that buying bottled water is a great way to make sure my family drinks fresh, clean, filtered water. There is just one problem with doing this.

It is getting tiring to have to lug all these big one-gallon bottles into the home after every trip to the grocery store. Sometimes, I forget to buy it and since, I won’t let anyone in my house drink tap water, I have to run back out and get it.

I think it is time to find a water service in my area. I want to have options for the water such as choosing alkaline water over regular distilled drinking water.

I just do not know if I should get a delivery service or if I should actually buy a machine from such a company that would dispense clean drinking water.

What are the processes that are involved in these types of machines. I have heard of reverse osmosis but I am not sure I understand how that works.

I do know that it is time to find some different options for getting clean drinking water in my home. I am going to contact a water company soon.

Choosing Drinking Water for the Home

Most people do not relish the thought of drinking water from the tap any longer. There are many impurities in drinking water systems no matter how much that water goes through in the treatment plant. Buying water is another option but it can be inconvenient.

Anyone who lives in an apartment or an upper floor will find that carrying gallon bottles of water to be cumbersome. The cost of drinking water is nominal, but consumers who want convenience and purity would do better to find a reliable source from which to buy purified drinking water in any format that suits them.

Many people also buy purification systems for the tap. This requires constantly changing out filters and can be inconvenient in its own way.

The best option is to find an ideal drinking water solution for the home from a reliable water distributor. Water distributors can offer home delivery of all the water a consumer needs on a schedule that suits their lifestyle. I remember looking out my St. Paul porch windows to see the water guy pull up in his truck with a big 5-gallon jug of water.

They can offer distilled water, mineral water or still water. Get it in gallon bottles, five-gallon bottles and more. Get clean drinking water and a dispenser in an easy, convenient way from a trusted distributor.

Drinking Water Solutions For Customers To Use In Their Homes

If you want to get clean drinking water, usually it is recommended to drink bottled water. It is usually the best way to ensure the water you are drinking is clean. However, if you want to look into other options they are available. There are a few different ways you can make sure your drinking water is better and clean. You can buy a water purifier that hooks right on to the faucet on your sink. This will make sure the water that comes out of the faucet is filtered and clean. There are also water pitchers that you can buy that have filters in them. You just fill it with water from the sink and when you pour it out, it filters that water. This is a great solution to getting clean drinking water. You can also get a water filter for your whole house. This filters the water you use everyday for everything. It even cleans the water you shower with. This is a simple and easy way to filter the water that is coming into your home. These systems can be a little costly but they are worth it.

Bottled Water Has Its Pros And Cons

I am one of those people who grew up drinking tap water. My family did not have a ton of money, so the last thing we had cash for was something that could be obtained by turning on a faucet. I can honestly say that this is still the case for me. I would rather drink what is free than to spend money on something that is right there. With that said, there are many people, like the residents of Flint, Michigan, who do not have water coming from the faucet that is fit to drink. In that case, bottled water should be offered by the government.

Yes, it is probably wasteful to spend money on water in most cases, but the idea of having dirty water for your children to drink is enough to make some people head to the store with a quickness. There are filters that can help in some cases, but when the water is so filthy that you can barely see through it, bottled water is actually the only option. Again, this should be offered free to people that live in areas where the water is not fit for consumption.

What To Do When Your Drinking Water Is Not Safe

There are many people who have to live with the fact that the water in their area may be far from safe to drink. The good thing is that there are options available to those who may be in this situation. Here are a few ideas that will help you cope with this issue if you are faced with it.

Bottled water seems to be the most popular option. In fact, some people prefer this even when the water in their area has been deemed perfectly safe. The good thing is that there are so many brands available at this point that people of all budgets can afford to have clean drinking water available to them.

For those who have fairly clean water, it is still a good idea to err on the side of caution. There are filters that can be purchased for very little and they will remove all types of contaminants from the water you drink. These are fairly inexpensive, so there is no reason not to buy one. I say this even though I have yet to bite the bullet and get one for myself and my family.

Cleaner Drinking Water For The Average Person

Long past the headlines of the Flint water crisis, I’ve kept up with this story because I’m all about social justice and doing right by people. I’m also a bit of a health freak and there’s nothing more important to a living body than water. Many of us will never face a water crisis like the one in Flint but most of us drink unhealthy water from our tap everyday. The water that gets pumped into our homes are full of all sorts of chemicals, some in high dosages are not good for us at all. Yet we drink and cook with this water every single day. I know I did for a long time until I noticed how the water from tap had a less pure taste than the water I bought from fresh springs. I think that more than ever we need to focus on the quality of the water that we drink. Researching various filters and ways to clean the water we get from the tap is a worthy investment of time and resources because water is such an important resource. Nowadays there are more and more ways to filter water.

What Are Good Drinking Water Solutions As A Consumer?

If you are looking for clean drinking water, you probably know by now that drinking water from the faucet isn’t always the best or healthiest option. With all the pollution around, it is too easy for it to get into your water. It is also impossible to remove all the impurities when it comes to water companies and the tap water they try to sanitize. There are many people that are looking for a way to make sure their water is the cleanest water available. There are a few ways to do this. You can buy a water filter that fits over your faucet. This helps ensure you are getting clean drinking water or water for whatever reason. You can also buy whole house water filters. They are a little expensive but a great option if you want to make sure you have clean water in your entire house. They can be purchased in many hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. This is the best option because it filters all the water that is in your home, even the water you shower in. Definitely look into this if you want clean water throughout your home.

Hello water lovers!

Hi! My name is Jill – I’m a fitness freak, a Mom of three kids, and an animal lover with two birds, two rats, and a dog. With all those things going on, I have realized how important it is to have good quality drinking water. In this blog, I would like to help anyone searching for more details on water quality, and the options available to consumers. Drink on!